Move over Monsteras: These will be the most popular houseplants in 2021

Houseplants have experienced a comeback over the past few years. And for good reasons. They help purify the air we breathe, they boost our mood and add character to our homes.

There are 100’s of options when it comes to houseplants in Ireland. It can all be a little daunting when what you really want is all of them. So here are our favourite houseplants we think will be popular this year.

1. African Mask Plant

This is the beauty you need if you want to bring a jungle feeling into your living room. Otherwise known as Alocasia polly, the African Mask Plant is native to subtropical Asia and Australia. But she’ll thrive in any Irish home under the right conditions.

African Mask Plant appreciates a bright and humid environment. It’s dark green leaves are shaped like an arrowhead with highly defined silvery-green veins.

Though it likes bright light, the leaves can be sensitive to sunburn so it’s best to keep it slightly away from the window or behind a light curtain. Frequent waterings, plenty of light, and added humidity will keep your Alocasia looking its best.

Available from Verd Houseplants, €30 (which includes this gorgeous hessian basket)

2. Chain of Hearts

Hanging houseplants are growing in popularity and are a great addition to any indoor jungle. Chain of Hearts, also known as Ceropegia woodii, is native to South Africa. This romantic trailing houseplant will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight.

Available from IKEA, €8

3. Rubber Tree

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your houseplant collection, a Rubber Tree will make a statement in any home. Ficus Elastica Abidjan are native to India, Nepal and Indonesia and can grow several metres in height in the wild.

A Rubber Tree is a classic houseplant, popular in the 1970’s and making a strong comeback now. Their striking shape and glossy leaves make for a retro look. They’re a sturdy houseplant that does well in low light. Just be careful not to overwater!

Available from Clay Plants, €21

4. Spider Plant

Another native of South Africa the Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, is the well deserved king of houseplants. These little beauties will work hard to purify the air inside your home and they ask for very little in return. Spider Plants are happy out in any light situation (apart from direct sunlight) and they’ll be happy with a regular weekly water.

These are a must have houseplant and are pet and child friendly.

Available from Ballyseedy, €20

5. Burro’s Tail

Here’s another trailing houseplant you probably, absolutely, definitely need. Sedum morganianum, also known as a Donkey Tail or Burro’s Tail, are native to Mexico and produce long trailing stems up to 60cm. The Burro’s Tail is an easy to care for houseplant that will thrive if you put her in direct sunlight.

They’ll be happy living in any well drained container but seriously… you’re missing an opportunity if you don’t plant your Burro’s Tail in a Frida Kahlo plant pot.

Available from Clarenbridge Garden Centre, €19.99

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