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57% of Irish people are making this gross mistake in the bathroom

This latest survey about our habits in the bathroom has made us shudder. According to oral care brand L.A. PACIFIC, most of us here in Ireland are making some major mistakes when it comes to our health and cleanliness in the bathroom.

Specifically, what we do when we flush the loo.

According to this stomach churning study, a staggering 57% of us in Ireland don’t close the lid when we flush the toilet. That’s a big problem. The flush action stirs up a tornado of microscopic toilet particles which eventually settle on every surface of your bathroom… which, you guessed it… includes YOUR TOOTHBRUSH.

The study goes on to reveal over half of people in Ireland have gone six months without replacing their toothbrush and more than 10% of those have not changed their toothbrush in over a year.

While 68% of those questioned would refuse to allow a partner to use their toothbrush, the remaining 32% are happy to share their oral bacteria with their significant other.

A spokesperson for L.A. PACIFIC said, “sharing could risk transferring saliva, bacteria and even blood with another person.”

OK, don’t mind me while I just go and burn my toothbrush out back. Gross.


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