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This Irish county has been named one of the best places in Europe for Americans to relocate to

County Cork has been named one of the best destinations in Europe for Americans thinking of relocating to this side of the Atlantic.

This ranking is based on various criteria including quality of life, health care system, quality of internet connection, proximity of airports with international flights, cost of living, investment assistance, an active expat community and last but not least, low crime rate.

The list of 20 places across Europe has been compiled by he European Best Destinations (EBD) on behalf of the European Commission’s European Destinations of Excellence Network (EDEN). The ranking is designed to help American’s decide where is best in Europe to live and work in.

Cork is the only Irish county to make it onto the list and puts it alongside other European destinations such as San Sebastian in Spain, Brest-Terres Océanes on the French coast, The Algarve in Portugal and Tuscany in Italy.

The European Best Destinations report describes Cork as having a strong cultural, musical and artistic vibe. It also describes the county as having dramatic natural landscapes, riverscapes, harbours, bays and seascapes, a place of mountains, river valleys and coastlines.

Good on ye, Cork. Click here to see the full list.

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