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8 of the most inspiring Instagram accounts you should be following if you’re house hunting in Ireland this year

It’s a new year and for many people it will be time for a new start. With the end of lockdown in sight… thousands of people are expected to be thinking of relocating and starting a new life in the Irish country or along the coast. If you’re actively house hunting or you’re still in the fantasy stage… here are our pick of the best Instagram accounts to be following for house hunting inspiration in Ireland:

1. Cheap Irish Houses

Maggie Molloy has been shining a light on the forgotten half of Ireland’s property market for years now through her Instagram wizardry. This has been one of our staple favourite grids to follow for what feels like forever. She’s famous across Ireland now thanks to her hit RTE show Cheap Irish Homes where she helps property buyers find affordable houses in need of love and attention.

2. Savills, Ireland

Savills is famous for marketing some of the world’s most stunning properties. Savills in Ireland is no exception. If you’re in the fantasy stage of house hunting or you’re lucky to have a budget… their Instagram grid is full of dream homes from across Ireland.

3. Charles McCarthy, West Cork

West Cork is famous for balmy summers, fuchsia lined country lanes, a booming food scene and thanks to Charles McCarthy’s Instagram- beautiful coastal homes! Follow this family run estate agent for regular posts that will make you want to immediately pack your bags and head west.

4. RTE Home of the Year

One of our favourite shows on RTE which is guaranteed to make you swoon over other people’s houses. Us Irish can be a nosy bunch… and we’re sure that’s why this show is so successful. There’s plenty on this Instagram to get you inspired about house hunting and relocating in Ireland.

5. Property Pal

Whoever said house hunting in Ireland and property portals had to be dull obviously never came across the exquisite Property Pal on Instagram. This grid has been giving us a daily laugh for years and whoever is in charge of their social media deserves all the praise (and raise)!

6. Inspiring Homes, Ireland

Inspiring. It’s literally in the name. Ireland can have a bad reputation for architecture and interior design… but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you follow this Instagram you’ll not fail to be inspired by what is possible. They often feature cottage renovations that blend traditional with modern- we absolutely love it all.

7. Darren Byrne QFA

Darren, or Mortgage Man Ireland, has over 15 years of experience. His Instagram is absolutely worth following for regular advice about the ins and outs of buying, selling and mortgaging a house in Ireland. We’ve personally been learning a lot through his Instagram stories.

8. Houses to Restore, Ireland

This hidden gem on Instagram seems to focus mainly on houses in and around Dublin. Not only does this grid show you what’s currently on the Irish market, houses to fit all budgets, that need serious love and attention- it’s also full of insider knowledge, advice and news.

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